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This is a list of cookies that we would normally use for operation of our site.  This is not a list of cookies detected.

Admin Site SessionsessionBrowsing SessionHolds a record of the current security session on the site for a user logged into the content system
Basket CountSessionBrowsing SessionHolds a record of number of items in the basket
Browser SessionsessionBrowsing SessionHolds the current session identifier
Contact FormsessionBrowsing SessionHolds a security record for the contact forms
Cookie Consent Policypersistent1 yearHolds a record if you accepted the cookie consent policy
Google Analyticsthird partyBrowsing SessionMonitors how you use the site to improve services.  Anonymised data only.
Logged In Userpersistent12 hoursSecurity to identify if you are logged into the site
Product PagesessionBrowsing SessionHolds a record for browsing long product pages
Recently Viewed Productspersistent1 dayHolds recently viewed product references
Session SecuritySessionBrowsing SessionHolds a session identifier
Test CookiesessionBrowsing SessionTest cookie to verify cookies are enabled and working
User BasketsessionBrowsing SessionHolds a link to products stored in current basket
User Basket Sessionpersistent2 daysHolds a session record for the current basket
Wishlistpersistent2 daysHolds a link to a stored wishlist