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Favourite bead of the week – Week 1

Each week I will be posting about my favourites, which can be beads, techniques, patterns or designers 

This is the Cobalt 4mm Czech fire polished bead.

4mm czech fire polished beads cobalt 150x150
Cobalt 4mm Fire-Polished

I have chosen it as my favourite for this week because it is such a gorgeous colour and I absolutely love it! The depth of colour and the inner sparkle are quite sumptuous. I combined these beads with some of the Sky 4mm fire polish to make this Hana-Ami bracelet, which is one of Deb Roberti’s lovely designs that was free to download from here:

hana ami beaded bracelet cobalt 150x150
Hana-ami Bracelet

These bracelets are very popular as they really sparkle and look so pretty on the wrist. Deb Roberti’s tutorials are very easy to follow so have a look and give it a go yourself.


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