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Peyote Stitch – Week 3

Hi Beaders.

Peyote stitch is my favourite this week because it is so simple to learn. It is also versatile and can be used in many ways. Peyote pieces can be flat as in cuff bracelets, shaped as in squares, triangles etc and even multidimensional shapes. Beautiful flowers can also be created, and there are some spectacular peyote bead tapestry patterns around too. I started my hobby on beaded tapestries and have progressed to much more advanced projects.

hexagonal peyote earrings 150x150
Hexagonal peyote earrings

As well as being used to make jewellery pieces such as the hexagonal earrings and pendant shown, you can go to town and create all sorts of fun projects.

peyote beaded triangle pendant spring 150x150
Spring Triangular Pendant

delica bead bottles 150x150
My Delica ‘potions’

In my opinion peyote looks best done in Delica beads as their shape is perfect for this technique. Here is a small selection of my personal Delica stash and a close-up of The Bead Fairy’s Delica beads in Crystal AB

miyuki 110 delica beads crystal ab 150x150
Miyuki 11/0 Delica in Crystal AB

I’ve recently been playing about with peyote boxes in various shapes and kaleidocycles. These were originally an origami concept, but have been adopted and adapted by Kate McKinnon’s Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Group (see link below).

pentagon peyote bead box 150x150
Pentagon peyote box closed
pentagon peyote box open 150x150
Pentagon peyote box open
peyote kaleidocycle 150x150
Kaleidocycle assembled

peyote kaleidocycle pieces 150x150
Kaleidocycle pre-construction

There are many, many tutorials and patterns available on the internet. Peyote stitch is an off-loom beading technique and can be odd or even count, depending on the number of ‘columns’ needed for the pattern. To get started take a look at Jill Wiseman’s peyote tutorial, I’ve put a link below for you.


Acknowledgements and references:

Hexagonal earrings from a tutorial by Kelly Dale of Off The Beaded Path:

Triangular pendant from Pinterest:

Kaleidocycle tutorial by Kate McKinnon:

General peyote stitch tutorial by Jill Wiseman:

Pentagon peyote box from ‘Little Bead Boxes’ by Julia S. Pretl ISBN: 1589232917:



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