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About Beads: Czech Fire Polished

4mm czech fire polished beads lilac 150x150
4mm Czech fire polish beads lilac



Fire polishing is a process that smooths out the faceted edges of glass beads. This gives the bead a high shine finish and is the final step in production.


Fire polished beads were first manufactured around 500 years ago. Their purpose was to enable beads which looked like cut gemstones to be strung. As such, these beads are versatile and used in many jewellery making projects.




After pressing and faceting, fire polishing with heat smooths the edges. There is a short video on the process here, and a much longer series from the Potomac Bead Company starting here.

hana ami beaded bracelet amethyst 300x300
Hana-ami beaded bracelet amethyst/crystal


Czech fire polished beads come in a range of sizes from 2mm to 12mm. They also come in a wide range of colours and finishes or coatings. Coatings include iris, lustre, vacuum and precious metals. Beads can have either a matte, opaque, transparent or high sparkle finish.


4mm czech fire polished beads rose 150x150
4mm Czech fire polish beads rose



A well known brand of Czech fire polished beads is Preciosa Ornela. They provide a couple of very useful PDF documents on their website on shapes and colours. These documents are downloadable.


People often compare Swarovski versus fire polish, but the two are different compositions. Swarovski is a leaded crystal, whereas fire polish are glass with no lead content. Swarovski crystals are very high sparkle, but much more expensive. Fire polish are as good for everyday jewellery and cost much less.





Find our range of genuine Czech fire polished beads here. Explore the site for project ideas and tutorials too. Be happy in your beading bubble!!

craw beaded bangle aluminium silver 150x150
CRAW beaded bangle aluminium silver


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