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Bead Weaving Inspiration: Beadopedia

My blog today is about a discovery I have made. I belong to several social media groups that relate to bead weaving. Every now and then some amazing designs bubble up to the surface, and I would like to share my find with you. My blog today features inspirational designs from – take a look!


geometric craw design necklace 300x300
Geometric CRAW necklace

I am a big fan of cubic right angle weave as I’m sure you have noticed. This piece grabbed my attention immediately.
The geometric symmetry of the design makes this a perfect CRAW piece and I would love to get my hands on a pattern.
This next piece also appears to be CRAW, but has extra RAW rows as well. A well thought out design that has resulted in a lovely piece.
Again I would love to get hold of a pattern to see how the designer achieved the Celtic-like weave.

craw star necklace 300x300
Interwoven CRAW in star-like pattern

craw teardrop necklace 300x300
CRAW teardrop necklace

This piece highlights the softer side of CRAW, which doesn’t always have to be angular.
The rounded form that encompasses the pearls is achievable because CRAW is supple. This is especially true when using smaller beads. Such an elegant, classic piece.
Finally, a very different technique for this beaded scarf which is very fetching.
Netted seed beads in a great colour palette – the result is very eye catching. Inspiration for bead weavers to try their hand at something different.

beaded scarf 300x300
Beaded scarf


I hope I have given you some food for thought. These examples are not your normal run of the mill designs, but may spark your creativity. Be happy in your beading bubble!


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