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Beading Macrame

Beading macrame is another way to create stunning jewellery. Crafters are an inventive lot, and combining techniques brings exciting results.


beaded macrame bracelet 1 300x253
Beaded macrame bracelet 1
Macrame has come a long way since it first became popular in the 1970s and 1980s. The trend today is micro macrame, using the same knotting techniques. The cord used is much thinner and better suited to delicate jewellery. Thinner cord means beads can be strung onto it, so you can embellish your macrame work.


beaded macrame earrings 1 300x300
Beaded macrame earrings 1
Cord diameters now used for macrame range from 0.4mm to no more than 2mm, so consider that when choosing your beads. Popular cords are C-Lon and Superlon, which come in a myriad of colours and sizes. You can even make an attractive piece with white household string and the right beads. Beading macrame has never been so alive with possibilities!


beaded macrame bracelet 2 300x225
Beaded macrame bracelet 2
I’m not going to explain macrame here. I am pointing out that whatever technique you use to make your handmade jewellery, add beads. It can make all the difference. Here is a great tutorial for a lovely beaded macrame bracelet from Macrame Tita. I hope this whets your appetite to try something new.


beaded macrame earrings 2 300x300
Beaded macrame earrings 2
If you see a pattern or tutorial that you want to make, remember to send us your materials list. We will supply everything you need in a kit. The rest is up to you!

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