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Bracelet Patterns – Wiggle Bracelet

wiggle beaded bracelet white 300x300
Wiggle beaded bracelet white

wiggle beaded bracelet lilac 300x300
Wiggle beaded bracelet lilac

wiggle beaded earrings christmas 300x300
Wiggle Beaded Earrings – Christmas


Project and pattern

The Wiggle design has turned out to be one of our most popular. The original pattern is free, generously shared by one of my favourite designers Deb Roberti, which she calls Bobble Bangles. View and download the pattern from Deb’s website and give it a try.  !!UPDATE: since I have published this blog article the designer is now charging for the pattern and it is no longer free!!

The bracelet is a perfect project for beaders of all abilities. It is simple to make and versatile in that pretty much any 4mm bead can be used – glass pearl, Czech fire polished, bicone and probably rondelles (though I haven’t tried those yet – maybe I will!).

The pattern is in written form and is very easy to follow and you can download it in .pdf format. The list of ‘ingredients’ is easy to source: you just need sufficient 4mm beads of any kind and 11/0 seed beads or even Delicas. The bracelet uses around 32 of the 4mm for an average sized bracelet and if you make the shorter version for some earrings as I have, you only need 12 – 6 per earring!


The bracelet can be made with a double row of the pattern if desired, but I prefer the light and dainty single row version and customers really like them. The materials list for a 7 inch bracelet excluding clasp from the pattern includes:

  • 8 feet of 6lb Fireline
  • Approximately 275 size 11/0 seed beads
  • About 32 size 4mm beads (any 4mm bead will work)
  • Clasp

All beads required are available in our store. Once you have made one of these I guarantee you will want to make more! We can make you up a kit for everything you will need, just choose your bead type, colour and contrast ‘Wiggle’ seed bead colour, then download the pattern – simples!!

Stack ’em up, make matching earrings, maybe even a necklace.  Send us a photo if you want too – we’d love to see them!

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