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About Me

bracelets on display

It all started with my sister giving me some jewellery making tools, a beading mat, some beading wire and a few findings.

From there I watched lots of tutorials on YouTube, read lots of beading books and became hooked! I scoured the internet looking for things to make with the countless tubes of delicas and seed beads I was beginning to amass, and have made beaded peyote tapestries and wall hangings in the past.

I like learning new techniques and follow and admire many of the wonderful designers who generously share their knowledge and skills with other crafters such as myself.

Bead work is very therapeutic and relaxing and fulfils a need for being creative no matter what your skill level is. I recommend anyone to give it a go, but be warned, you may become addicted to working with the gorgeous colours and finishes of a whole host of beads just like I did! 🙂

Be happy in your beading bubble X


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