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Bead Weaving Techniques: Beaded Bezels

The bead weaving technique of beaded bezels is a good one to know. The stones and crystals used in jewellery making are not always drilled with a neat little hole. This makes it difficult to string them or use them in bead weaving. A beaded bezel ‘cups’ the stone, holds it in place and allows further embellishment around it.

Basic Tubular Peyote Bezel

This is the most popular bezel type. If you are new to tubular peyote, this tutorial from Renee Bedard might help. Recommended bead sizes are 11/0 delicas and 15/0 seed beads from Miyuki. The two different sizes are what creates the ‘cup’ effect.
Swarovski rivoli earrings black diamond
Swarovski rivoli earrings black diamond


The number of delicas needed to start the peyote bezel depends on the size of the stone. The bigger the stone, the more beads needed. For the 12mm rivolis in my Swarovski rivoli earrings I started with 32 delica beads.

It is usual to start with three ’rounds’ of delicas and then 1-3 rows of 15/0 seed beads on each side to create the secure ‘cup’. Insert the stone before completing the final rounds. Kelly Dale from Off The Beaded Path has an excellent tutorial on this for her Peek-A-Boo earrings.


Once the peyote band surrounds your stone you can embellish your piece how you want. Use pearls, bicones, rondelles, Superduos, Half Tilas etc, the opportunities are endless. Keep it simple with a seed bead picot or build up the levels with various bead types.
Imagine a walk along the beach and your child or sweetheart finds an interesting pebble. Make a nice pendant or necklace with it using this technique and have a lovely memento of the day. Explore, try and if you want to share with us, post a comment below. Be happy in your beading bubble!

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