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Favourite bead of the week – Week 1

Each week I will be posting about my favourites, which can be beads, techniques, patterns or designers 

This is the Cobalt 4mm Czech fire polished bead.

4mm Czech fire polished beads in Cobalt

I have chosen it as my favourite for this week because it is such a gorgeous colour and I absolutely love it! The depth of colour and the inner sparkle are quite sumptuous. I combined these beads with some of the Sky 4mm fire polish to make this Hana-Ami bracelet, which is one of Deb Roberti’s lovely designs that was free to download from here:

“In Japanese beadwork, triangle weave is used to create a motif called Hana-Ami (Hana means “flower” and Ami means “stitch” or “net”). Although I use fire-polished beads, any type of size 4mm bead will work beautifully”.

Hana-ami bracelet

MATERIALS (for a 7-inch bracelet, not including clasp)
• 2 yards waxed thread, size D, or 6 lb. FireLine
• About 120 size 11/0 seed beads
• 14 size 4mm Color1 beads (any bead type)
• 10 size 4mm Color2 beads (any bead type)
• clasp

These bracelets are very popular as they really sparkle and look so pretty on the wrist. Deb Roberti’s tutorials are very easy to follow so have a look and give it a go yourself.

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