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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Setup Guide

To add an extra layer of security to your account, we support the use of an extra code needed to log into your account. This is linked to an authenticator application on your mobile and/or computer. This is known as 2 Factor Authentication or more recently, Multi-factor Authentication.

Once activated, when you log on, you will need to enter your username and password as usual, then enter a code that is displayed on your authenticator application. Anyone who guesses or discovers your password would not be able to log on without this code.

If you get into any difficulties, please use the contact us form and we will assist you accessing your account.

You can also read more about passwords and security on our security page

Step 1 – Download an authentication app

To use 2FA you will need an authentication application either on your phone or on your computer. This system uses Timed One-time-passwords (TOTP) to generate a code every 30 seconds and this is compatible with a number of authentication systems. These do not require an internet connection to function once setup.

Links to four well known apps are below:
Authy (Apple Store, Play Store, Windows and Mac) – Recommended
Google Authenticator (Play Store) / Google Authenticator (Apple Store)
Microsoft Authenticator (Apple Store, Play Store and SMS install)
Lastpass Authenticator (Apple Store, Play Store and Windows Store) – Account needed

If you already have one of these set up you can simply add this site to the application. We personally recommend Authy as it has device sync, backups and encryption built in for both convenience and security.

Step 2 – Set up an account / token

On the device, load the authenticator application. You should have an option to add an account or token.

If setting up on a mobile device and you can scan the QR code below in your application then this will automatically configure the settings

Login to setup security

If you cannot scan the code, then you can manually enter the key below to configure the account – you may need to select manual setup in the app.

Login to setup security

Please note that this code should never be disclosed to anyone.

Step 3 – Verify the token

Before activating MFA please check that the token on your authenticator app matches the one shown below. The code should update on the site automatically but hit refresh if there is no match to ensure the latest code is being shown. You will need to enter the current code on the account page before you can activate MFA – this is just to make sure everything is working before you proceed

Login to setup security

If you cannot get a match, please check your clock is in sync. The TOTP system can tolerate a small margin of error with the time before the codes cannot work.

Step 4 – Activate MFA for your account

Now you have verified the code matches, please return to your account page to enable the security. You will need to enter the current code from your authenticator app as a final check.

If you run into any difficulties, make sure you save the emergency codes somewhere safe (shown on the account page) as you can try logging in using one of these. Otherwise please use the contact form and we will assist in getting you back in as quickly as possible.