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Buffalo Hide Coin Wallet


Hand crafted Buffalo Hide Coin Wallet

Made with oil tanned buffalo leather

Only available in brown at the moment.

Optional matching or contrasting stitching and choice of inner


Buffalo hide coin wallet

Hand crafted with oil tanned buffalo hide, this coin pouch is ideal for all your small change.

This leather is oil tanned buffalo, sometimes called Crazy Horse or ‘pull up’ leather, because when handled the colour can change slightly. Unfortunately, my supplier only has this in brown, and the shade can vary depending on the particular hide, so I’m never sure of what I might get!

The side gussets and the reinforcement piece are made from calf hide, which is thinner so that the item is not too bulky. The piece is hand sewn with Saddler’s Stitch.

The colour of the thread can be specified to order, and the internal pieces can be made from calf hide, cork fabric or all buffalo.

We can make this using matching or contrasting stitching for additional custom styling.

Each item is unique and made from natural 100% hides.

Please note that the colour may vary slightly from the images shown due to the process used in tanning the leather.




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