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What do you make with your beads?

If someone asked me what do you make with your beads, I would say I make bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, charms and the occasional beaded box or kaleidocycle, but I often wonder what other beaders make. After all, there are similar craft techniques that also use beads such as beaded embroidery, bead crochet, bead knitting, bridal outfitters for tiaras and embellishing wedding dresses, beaded bags and purses, bead embellished sandals, bead curtains of course and those were just the first few things that sprang to mind. But there must be many more.

I have seen patterns and tutorials for beaded needle cases, lighters, pens, barrettes, light pull cords, picture frames, cute beaded animals, snowflakes and stars for the Christmas tree and so on. There are also beads for hair braiding and I have recently discovered that even fishermen use beads on their lures to mimic insect eyes!

What do you make with your beads? Handcrafted beaded elephants
Handcrafted beaded elephants from thumbprint artifacts

I belong to several craft groups on Facebook and some of the creations people make are just stunning. I will blog about some of the other beading crafts besides jewellery making in the near future. I’d like to try out some of these techniques myself to broaden my experience. So many lovely things to make, so little time!

So I would like to ask you the question: what do you make with your beads? I would love to read your comments and hopefully see pictures of things you make too, so don’t be shy and show me some of your beadwork.

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